Thursday, June 21, 2007

On the Market

It's official. French's hottest Socialist Party political power is on the market! Ooh-la-la! Actually, Ségolène Royal was never officially married to Socialist Party chief François Hollande, despite the fact that they had four children together. But the day after the election for the Assemblée Nationale she made the official announcement that she and François were no longer living together. Interestingly, she also stated that that's all she cares to say about the matter, since it's her private life. Quite frankly, she's correct, and in general the French media is much less aggressive about snooping around for details regarding a politician's love life than in America.

Contest Topic of the Day: Nakedness on Major Network Television. Outside of Janet Jackson SuperBowl halftime shows, there's virtually no chance of seeing nakedness on T.V. And, to be quite honest, the most famous "wardrobe malfunction" in history was far more disturbing than arousing. I don't want to give the impression that French television is like watching soft porn, but every once in awhile while channel-flipping I'll see some nakedness on, say, a shampoo commercial, or a news report on a beach where women occasionally go topless. The French win the point and we're tied up 15-15.

French for the Day: a fire-breathing dragon in French is "un dragon qui crache le feu" (lit: "a dragon who spits fire"; cracher = to spit).

Pic of Day: Claire (still pregnant!) at the Concorde Metro Station.


Blogger Becca said...

Every time there's a break in the blogging, I think you're off telling Claire to "Breathe. Breathe."

Come on Claire! You can do it!

7:15 PM  
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