Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Branly Revisited

The last time we tried to go the Musée de Quai Branly (during the Nuit des Musées) we were turned away due to the ridiculous lines. Refusing to take no for an answer, we tried again last Saturday with better results.

The architecture of this museum, which is relatively new and just down the block from the Eiffel Tower, is amazingly varied. The front façade overlooking the street is covered with hanging plants, perhaps my favorite aspect of the museum. Then there are a series of gardens which are fairly wild and covered with ferns and thick growth--in some ways, the exact opposite of the stereotyped, geometrical gardening style that the French are known for (à la the gardens at Versailles for instance). In the back there's a small marshy stream where some ducks and cat-tails are growing. Very strange to visit this small patch of wilderness smack-dab in the heart of Paris. Finally, the building itself is quite modern-looking and colorful. I am posting a shitload of pictures below.
Topic of the Day: keyboard configuration. The French and American versions are just different enough to be annoying. Of course, based on my training by Mr. Poe at Ordean Junior High School, I am more familiar with the American version, and hence you could argue that I am too biased to be able to objectively judge this subject. However, I've become well-enough acquainted with our French keyboards in the lab that I can now comfortably switch back and forth. The verdict: I still vastly prefer the American version. Design flaws in the French version include the fact that you have to push down the "shift" key before typing any of the numbers (very annoying) as well as a period (doesn't make sense--this is used so commonly you shouldn't have to press shift) as well as the fact that on most French keyboards I've seen, the "@" key (arguably one of the most important keys in this modern age) you have to push down a "function" key that is actually different from the "shift". The grudge match is tied up at 12-12 once more.
French Vocab for the Day: in preparation for the soon-to-arrive Shrek 3, the character of Puss N' Boots in French is "le Chat Botté" (the booted cat).


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