Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Use Your Illusion

I've been struggling with exactly how to end this U.S. versus France contest. To be completely frank, I haven't really decided who I want to win. And to be honest, I like both countries, so it's going to be hard to choose. And calling it a tie would be kind of wuss-like. As a result, I've decided to enter an element of randomness to the contest that will take some of the decision-making power out of my hands. I've decided that the contest will officially end the day that Claire delivers. Whichever country is ahead at that point will be declared the winner. If it's a tie, so be it.
Today's Topic is the somewhat vague category of "convenience." If there's one thing that most Americans miss when they live in just about any foreign country, it's the convenience aspect of the U.S. Supermarkets open on Sundays. 24-hour restaurants. Going to the movies on a holiday. Paying bills and renewing driver's registration on-line. Not having the entire country basically shut down during the entire month of August, not like some countries I know. Obviously, our convenience comes at some price--see the entry on "evil, faceless corporations"--but for the consumer I have to admit that the convenience is nice. The U.S. takes the lead once more: it's 15-14.

French for the Day: The original title of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"--by France's own Jules Verne, in fact--is Vingt Milles Lieues Sous Les Mers".

Pics for the Day: optical illusions at the Palais des Découvertes. The two wheels shown below are the same--but the bottom one is being spun and thus creates the "bullseye" design.


Blogger Becca said...

Well, let's hope Claire kicks it into gear and delivers today while the US is ahead!!!!

1:50 PM  
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