Monday, June 11, 2007

Let's Hope Our Kid Doesn't Really Turn Out Like This

This weekend's Paris expedition took us to the Palais de la Découverte (Palace of Discovery), a science museum that is not too far from the Louvre on the Rive Droite. One of the exhibits included a booth where two people sit face-to-face and you can blend them together by fooling with the amount of light on each. Anyways, here's a disturbing mix of myself and Claire. I hope and pray that our kid doesn't really turn out like this...

Back to The Contest: Today's topic is, hmmm, how shall I put this? The polite way would be to include a category called "overall cultural awareness of its citizens." Or you could just tell it like it is, and say, "Which country has the most number of dumbshits walking around?"

The answer, as evidenced by any number of easily-available videos such as this and this, is clearly that there are a lot of dumbshits walking around the U.S. You know, all those statistics which are cited which state that only one American in six is able to correctly located "Mexico" on a map. It's friggin' embarrassing! I'm sure that dumbshits exist in France, too, but I get the impression that the Average Jacque is a little more in tune with current events that the Average Joe. I'm giving the point to France. The French have for the first time taken the lead, 12-11!!! I blame reality television and Paris Hilton.

Good News for the Day: the lab group I'm currently in published a nice little paper recently--and it officially came out online today! Go, team.

French for the Day: the acronym HLM stands for "habitation à loyer modéré" (housing of moderate rent). In other words, The Projects.


Blogger Susan said...

Your love child isn't quite up to par with the love child between your friend Tom and I. I think the bestial nose on our child was something so very special. Either way, let's hope if the bebe is a girl, she doesn't grow facial hair.

10:19 AM  
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