Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Cage Match Continues

Some more pictures from our Saturday afternoon excursion: A few of the gargoyles at Saint-Sulpice (I think they are actually much scarier and demonic than the gargoyles at NĂ´tre Dame, which are more comic in nature) followed by a pic of Claire knee-deep in play-dough with Anais, the daughter of our friends Nicolas and Sandrine.

Cage-Match Topic of the Day: billboards. In the U.S., our highways are littered with billboards. Plus every once in awhile you see a really scary one advertising "1-800-Who's-The-Father" or "You Will Burn in Hell If You Don't Join Our Church"-type signs. I get the impression that, while they exist, billboards in France are much less ubiquitous, and the roads are less cluttered with advertising. The tricoleur takes home the prize today, keeping the match close: U.S. 9.5, France 8.5.

French Sound Effect of the Day: instead of going "knock-knock" on a door, the French go "toc-toc".


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