Monday, June 04, 2007

On Tipping

Tipping. It's not just a country in China. It's also the subject of tonight's no-holds-barred-cage-match between the U.S. and France. The issue? Whereas in the U.S. you have to figure in the 15-20% addition to the bill, in France the waiter's or waitress' salary is figured into the cost that's on the menu. Others would argue with me, but I vastly prefer the French method. It's just one less thing to stress out about and makes calculating the bill all that much easier. Those who would argue for the tip would say that it results in better service (in general, it's true: waiters & waitresses in French restaurants stop by your table to refill your water, to see if you want anything else, etc much less often than in the 'States) and perhaps results in a more reasonable salary for the server. However, I'm still going to have to go with the Frenchies on this custom for convenience's sake. U.S. 9.5, France 7.5.

French for the Day: I've got a French tongue-twister for you: "Les chaussettes de l'archiduchesse sont telle sèches, archi sèches?" (translation: Are the socks of the archduchess dry, super-dry?"

Pics for the Day: from our stroll this past Saturday along the Ile de la Cité (the island in the middle of the Seine where Nôtre Dame is), some scenes from the Marché aux Fleurs (the Flower Market). Claire is 38 weeks' pregnant and looking strong!


Blogger Steve said...

woo hoo, 38 weeks! that is great. The world is anxiously waiting the arrival of the newest Hellman. Maybe even Dr. Hellman, have you considered Doctor as a first name? :P Many happy thoughts in the days and weeks to come!

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