Monday, November 07, 2005

Super SAR begins

It's Monday, time for a new rotation block to begin...

This time it's something completely foreign to me...I will be the nighttime "SuperSAR", a rotation I've never done before. It's kind of like being the chief admitting resident for the Internal Medicine service. I'm in charge of assigning any new admissions to the appropriate team & room. To some degree, it sounds a little bit like a glorified administrative job--assigning admissions follows a well-thought-out and often-tweaked set of rules which I just have to follow to the letter--and my patient contact is fairly minimal. Tonight (and for much of the remainder of the week) I work the night shift, from 8pm until 8am. Wish me luck!

Not sure exactly where the illustration on the left came from....perhaps a Pediatrics residency program elsewhere with the same position? (SAR, incidentally, refers to a "senior admitting resident".)


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