Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"We would be honored if you would join us." Posted by Hello

Quiet night so far (although I realize I should not tempt fate by using the "Q" word so recklessly). I see the Emergency Room at Presbyterian Hospital still has some patients in it, and chances are one of them will think up a good reason to come into the hospital. While I wait for that to happen, I'll talk a little bit about my Star Wars fetish. Somebody recently asked me what my 5 favorite movies are...I had to qualify the statement by specifying that the list could not include any of the "Star Wars" movies, because they all would at least have to be considered in such a list... Loved the newest movie, have seen it twice so far (would have seen it a third time had it not been for a poorly-timed jeopardization). My favorite scenes were probably the one where Anakin lops off Count Dooku's head (you can see the fear oozing from his eyes as he is trapped by the twin lightsabers and suddenly realizes the true plan of Palpatine) and also the fact that you get to see Anakin's scarred, burned face the moment just before Vader's mask is sealed on for the first time...followed by the trademark breathing! Just awesome.

Come to think of it...here are the TOP 5 Scenes in all of the Star Wars movies, according to ME:
#5: The lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul (Episode I), which is by far the most fast-paced, action-packed duel in all of the episodes. Maul is a bad-ass and knows it. The only thing which prevents this scene from being higher is the somewhat lame ending (Darth Maul just kind of sits there while he gets his torso sliced in half).

#4: Han Solo whacks Greedo (Episode IV). One of our first introductions to Solo, who is brought in as a character with some moral ambiguity. I mean, sure, he acted in self-defense, but he does gun down poor Greedo with his blaster without really having to think about the ethical implications of doing so. Despite his gunslinging nature however we are also reminded that he is certainly no fan of the Empire. The conversation that they have is amusing and it's one of the first times in the series where they show a translation of a new alien language.

#3: Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite (Episode V). It is basically common knowledge amongst fans that this is by far the best of all the Star Wars movies. This scene in particular is memorable for several reasons: that eerie, orange lighting, the novelty of freezing somebody in carbonite which is not only practical but also psychologically disturbing (especially b/c you get to see his frozen face just afterwards), AND it marks the first time Leia first really admits that she's in love with this scoundrel. Chewbecca's howling and the fact that C3PO is all dismantled only serve to remind us that this is the real low point for our favorite band of rebels.

#2: The Death Star blows up for the 1st time (Episode IV). Really the best climax of all the movies; it was also a good ending for Return of the Jedi but somehow less impressive and emotional. In that first Death Star explosion you had the unexpected return of Solo & the Millenium Falcon swooping down with a "yeeeee-haw!" to allow Luke his one shot at stardom, plus that final shot of Vader spinning out of control in his tie fighter. Everybody cheers at this scene in the movie theater.

#1: "We would be honored if you would join us" (Episode V) That scene where Han, Leia & the gang first realize they are being set up by Lando Calrissian after a door opens to reveal Vader calmly standing at the head of a dinner table. Solo whips out his blaster but Vader's mastery of the force allows him to easily deflect the blaster shots with his hands and tear the weapon from the disbelieving Han Solo's hands. In addition Boba Fett is standing there like the bad-ass he is and the door slams shut just as the scene finishes. Just devastating.

*the trash compactor scene (Episode IV).
*when Luke goes apeshit on Vader in Episode VI and it becomes apparent that he could probably kill him if he really wanted to.
*the Dooku death scene (Episode III)
*when Anakin has the mask lowered onto his face and he takes his first Vader breaths (Episode III)
*when Obi-Wan lops off Anakin's legs and his body lights on fire (definitely the goriest scene these films have to offer, Episode III)
*when the Millenium Falcon narrowly avoids being eaten by that big asteroid worm thingee (Episode V)
*the AT-ATs from Episode Episode V (Battle of Hoth).
*all the alien creatures in the Mos Eisley cantina (Episode IV)

At some point I will have to rank what I feel are the lamest Star Wars scenes...

One of the really well-done & *hilarious* blogs I have come across is this one: The Darth-Side, a poetic, Darth Vader-written blog which follows the basic Star Wars plotline. Check it out. Made me laugh. All right! Let's hope the rest of the night is just as qui...... I mean, *relaxing* as it has been thus far. See you later!


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