Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burn After Reading

I saw the Coen Bros' latest film yesterday: "Burn After Reading", and had a good time viewing it. I fittingly saw it with my friends Tom and Dave--fittingly because about 6 months ago the three of us went to the movies together, only we had opted against seeing the Coen Brothers' "No Country For Old Men" in favor of watching the lame Will Smith sci-fi flick "I Am Legend", a decision which all three of us regret to this very day.

Anyways, "Burn After Reading" was pretty good. One of the thoughts I have after seeing it is that Brad Pitt is actually a pretty decent actor: in this movie he is successfully converted from his usual suave, ultra-hip "Ocean's 11" persona into an unsophisticated gym trainer doofus. I also enjoyed his character in "Twelve Monkeys", one of my favorite sci-fi movies, in which he plays the insane leader of an extreme animal rights' group . I predict that in 10-15 years he will be seen as a much more talented actor than he currently is if he continues to choose his films wisely--kind of a Harrison-Ford-type.


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