Monday, September 15, 2008


Busy day. After giving our group presentation on the shark rectal gland (which wasn't bad if I do say so myself) a bunch of us headed out to experience the nearby Acadia National Park, also located on Mount Desert Island with MDIBL.

The day's activities included a hike up Mount Gorham (a very windy but beautiful & sunny day at the summit), going to a small sandy beach and taking a quick dip (for those of us brave and/or stupid enough to submerge into the cold Maine waters), and watching the sun set atop Mount Cadillac.

Then back to the lab for a lovely seafood dinner, followed by a few introductory zebrafish experiments which kept us busy 'til around 11:30pm for our next educational module for this course. It's been an exceptionally full day.

Here are some pictures of todays Acadia hike: I wonder what the record is for most number of nephrologists summiting a peak simultaneously?
Long-distance view of the sandy beach we ended up swimming in later on in the hike.
Cool rock formations.

Sunset at Mount Cadillac.
The entire coastline around Acadia is dotted by small islands.