Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Off!

My first full weekend off for the month! One positive aspect of working hard: the few days off you get feel like gold. This weekend has been positively glorious, even the nap I took while watching the Colts game was a great experience. Overall it's been a pretty productive Saturday and Sunday as well. Stuff I've done already (and it's still only 5pm on Sunday):

1) Bought the book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying and Selling a Home." That's right, Claire and I are considering exploring the real estate market in Boston sometime this year. And "complete idiot" would adequately describe my current knowledge of this subject matter, so I have some reading to do...

2) Had a bunch of the renal fellows over for dinner last night! Six of the nine were able to make it over, which is pretty good considering that two are on call and one is on vacation. It's quite an international bunch: this year's fellows come from Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany, Greece, Canada, and (of course) the U.S.

3) Drafted my 2007-08 Fantasy Basketball team, the Boston Nephrons. I wound up with the 3rd pick overall and was happy that LeBron James was still available. I'm also excited by my 2nd round pick, Dwight Howard (seen here jumping so high he can kiss the rim), who I think will have a monster year, and my 3rd round pick, Al Jefferson, who has a chance to be a very good player on a terrible team (the Minnesota T-Wolves).

Link of the Day: the Papelbon Dance. Perhaps you'll see it again tonight at the end of Game 4, who knows?


Blogger Annmarie said...

I highly recommend Home Buying for Dummies. Just closed on our first house on Thursday, and (after reading some chapters several times) we felt confident we'd gotten the right house and a good deal. And the part about title insurance sure was a hoot! (ok, i'm lying but after spending all my free time on home shopping i need to find the silver lining)

7:32 PM  
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