Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Preparing for Sophie's First Halloween

It's the day before Halloween. Sophie's going as a little piggie, courtesy of Aunt Susie's gift. It's an appropriate choice.

Nate's Dialysis Catheter Count: is up to 21! And getting better with each one.

I have one more day on the "Consult" service at Mass General Hospital, then on Thursday I switch to the "Kidney Transplant" service at Brigham & Women's Hospital! Hopefully will be good for some interesting transplant stories.

Big Red Sox victory parade down the streets of Boston. It was apparently a beautiful New England afternoon; of course I'm not allowed to experience daylight so I wouldn't know. Heard a discussion between nurses today talking about how they really should have given all Boston area public schools the day off to celebrate the Red Sox World Series victory.

A random list of Halloween costumes I remember wearing: a devil, a knight, a wizard, Egon from "Ghostbusters", a bum, the painting "American Gothic" (my personal favorite and most elaborate Halloween costume ever), the Scooby Doo gang (with my college roommates; I was a mummy whose plan was foiled by those meddling kids), Austin Powers, and a gringo (this consisted of putting on a Mexican sombrero and that's about it). For this year's Halloween costume I'm going as a Nephrology fellow.


Blogger Susan said...

cute cute cute!!! Just make sure that no one calls her "sooooooooie!" and tells her that she was born in a barn....not that it would mess me...I mean...her up for life, or anything...

10:52 AM  
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