Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wayne's World?

According to a recent article in UK's "The Guardian", (and also the subject of a recent "Gia's Blog" posting, a recent poll of British children less than 10 asked the question, "Who is the most famous person in the world?" The results were somewhat surprising, and are shown below:

#1: God
#2: Wayne Rooney
#3: Jesus
#4: David Beckham
#5: The Queen

Gia's blog was most surprised based on the fact that "God" came in first.
What was surprising to me, however, was Wayne Rooney coming in second. I mean, I had to "google" him to learn who the hell he was! Turns out he is an incredibly popular 18-year old Liverpudlian soccer phenom playing for Manchester United. I've never heard of the guy, and I consider myself a sports fan. Shows how culturally different the United States and England are, I guess.

Who do you think would win this contest amongst American 10-year-olds? Lindsay Lohan? Jessica Simpson? Fran Drescher? Somebody from Nascar Nation? I think I would be scared to find out...

In more patriotic sporting news, can you believe that Johnny "of Nazareth" Damon has betrayed the Red Sox nation and is now a Yankee?! In the immortal words of the Kinks, "it's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world." I wonder if now he will shave off his Jesus beard? (It's traditional for the NY Yankees to be a wholesome, clean-shaven bunch).

Also check out this hilarious bunch of random Chuck Norris jokes on the perfectduluthday blog.


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