Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stump Champs

Yesterday, my Stump Trivia partner Dave Portnoy & I defied the odds and WON FIRST PLACE at the illustrious Johnny D's "restaurant"/bar (I put the word "restaurant" in quotations since they don't serve any dinner after 8pm for reasons unbeknownst to me; we ordered Italian takeout food from a nearby place) despite having a two-man team competing against mostly 5-6 person teams.

A few of the highlight questions (scroll down for answers):
Q1: What country which has never hosted the Olympics has won the most medals?
Q2: What sports movie featuring Tupac Shakur included one of the earliest movie roles for Bernie Mac?
Q3: What Roman emperor arranged for the murder of his own mother?
Q4: What Pennsylvania Senator is credited with the "Single Bullet" theory with regards to the JFK assassination?
Q5: What 2003 California gubernatorial recall election candidate listed his occupation as "comedian"?

A1: Hungary
A2: Above the Rim
A3: Nero
A4: Arlen Spector
A5: Gallagher


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