Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Claire & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this past Sept. 17th...

Only problem is that we both kinda forget about it.  I was in Maine at the time and didn't realize the day until somebody happened to ask me, "How long have you been married?" and when I stopped to do the math, I realized that it was the special day.  Claire forgot about it until her mom called from France to wish her a happy birthday.  Fortunately for us, neither of can get in trouble for forgetting the special day if both parties are guilty.

Yesterday we had a delayed celebration of our 3rd anniversary which was made possible by the rare existence of two eager babysitters:  Claire's visiting sister Laure & friend Benedicte.  We had a very pleasant, childless dinner at a nice restaurant in the Theater District followed by catching the film "Choke" at a real, live movie theater. A wonderful night, though I warn anybody contemplating watching this movie that although funny at moments is pretty bizarre and on the dark side of dark comedies.


Blogger Eric said...

I just read the book a couple of months back. Much like fight club, you wonder how they will ever get away with it in a movie.

I went and saw Chuck Paliniuk do a reading this spring. He was selling his new book - about an adult film star's final and fatal role in a movie with 600 men - told from the perspective of number 75, 340, and 600.

I doubt it sees a big screen adaptation.

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