Thursday, September 13, 2007

Date Night & Paris Nostalgia

Claire and I refuse to be parents who say things like, "We don't have time to go to the movies anymore ever since our kid was born." Of course, we won't be going every weekend, and will have to be more selective in terms of what movies we see (for example, I think I will have to wait for "Balls of Fury" to come out on video tape). But we can see the occasional movie when the stars are aligned correctly.

Tonight, for instance, I was not on-call, nor was my Urology resident friend Heidi, who graciously offered her baby-sitting duties for la petite Sophie. As a result, Claire and I got to see the movie "Paris, Je T'Aime", which I truly enjoyed. It's a series of 18 different short films, each by a different director, which has as its theme falling in love in Paris. Some are sad, some are silly, some are charming & romantic, some are bizarrely incomprehensible in an artsy way. I do recommend it. The highlights for us were recognizing all the familiar landmarks in our adopted city--including a lovely scene of the Parc Montsouris where I used to play basketball which left me wishing I was still living in Paris--as well as a great Coen Brothers short starring Steve Buscemi which takes place entirely at one particular Paris Metro stop.

Below: Sophie staring at her favorite toy thus far, a very colorful caterpillar (French: "une chenille") with different noises and textures that we strap onto her little chair. It's usually good for about 10 minutes or so of distracting her when she starts to act up...


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