Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NBA 2005-2006 Predictions

There's an autumn chill in the air, NBA commish David Stern has already been accused of racism (for his travesty of a dress code), and there is hope anew from the defending champ Spurs all the way down to the perennial doormat there any doubt that the NBA season is just around the corner??

I present here my picks for the upcoming NBA 2005-2006 season, which I can guarantee are of Nostradamean accuracy. The NBA is generally somewhat more predictable than baseball or football in that the great teams tend to stay the same from year to year, though there are always a couple of nice suprises every season (e.g. last year's Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, Seattle Sonics, and MVP Steve Nash, to be sure).

This year look for the Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, and Indiana Pacers to make significant improvements over last year. It's also time for LeBron to have a bust-out season and win the first of potentially several MVP awards. Rookie of the Year will go to Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets--they don't have too many other options so he will be showcased in their offense. Miami will of course be impressive with their many off-season pickups, but I foresee the team effort in Indianapolis & the return of lunatic Ron Artest (who my Dad assures me seems like a nice enough guy, as he works out at the same Jewish community center gym as him) the triumph in the playoffs. In the end, however, it's hard to argue against the SA Spurs, as they have even improved their lineup from last year's championship effort...

Here's the predictions in fuller detail, with the help of an Afro'ed Allen Iverson (overall conference finish in parentheses; * indicates playoff team):
NJ Nets (5)*
Philadelphia 76ers (6)*
NY Knicks (7)*
Boston Celtics
Toronto Raptors

Indiana Pacers (2)*
Detroit Pistons (3)*
Cleveland Cavs (4)*
Milwaukee Bucks (8)
Chicago Bulls

Miami Heat (1)*
Orlando Magic
Washington Wizards
Charlotte Bobcats
Atlanta Hawks

San Antonio Spurs (1)*
Houston Rockets (2) *
Dallas Mavs (5)*
Memphis Grizzlies
New Orleans Hornets

Denver Nuggets (3)*
Seattle Sonics (8)*
Minnesota Timberwolves
Portland Trailblazers
Utah Jazz

Sacramento Kings (4)*
Phoenix Suns (6)*
LA Lakers (7)*
GS Warriors
LA Clippers

Round 1
Miami Heat (1) def Milwaukee Bucks (8) 4-0
Indiana Pacers (2) def NY Knicks (7) 4-1
Detroit Pistons (3) def Philadelphia 76ers (6) 4-2
Cleveland Cavs (4) def NJ Nets (5) 4-2

Round 2
Miami Heat (1) def Cleveland Cavs (4) 4-3
Indiana Pacers (2) def Detroit Pistons (3) 4-3
Round 3
Indiana Pacers (2) def Miami Heat (1) 4-2

Round 1
SA Spurs (1) def Seattle Sonics (8) 4-0
Houston Rockets (2) def LA Lakers (7) 4-1
Denver Nuggets (3) def Phoenix Suns (6) 4-2
Dallas Mavs (5) def Sacramento Kings (4) 4-3

Round 2
SA Spurs (1) def Dallas Mavs (4) 4-1
Houston Rockets (2) def Denver Nuggets (3) 4-3

Round 3
SA Spurs (1) def Houston Rockets (2) 4-2

SA Spurs (1) def Indiana Pacers (2) 4-3

G LeBron James
G Kobe Bryant
F Kevin Garnett
F Tim Duncan
C Shaquille O’Neil

G Tracy McGrady
G Allen Iverson
F Dwyane Wade
F Dirk Nowitzki
C Yao Ming


Blogger Steve said...

Cavs into the second round of the playoffs - quite interesting... Clevelanders sure hope that King James and company can take advantage of their newly renamed home (Quicken Loans Arena - very inspiring, huh. I think it was nicknamed "The Q" within mere seconds by the sorely disappointed home crowd) and make it to the playoffs this year. We all hope that LeBron's pleurisy is a thing of the past....

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