Monday, May 19, 2008

Congrats, Doug & Rebecca

My mom remarked to me a few days ago that she gets worried that I'm too busy when she notices I haven't posted anything on my blog. She would be correct.

It's been a hectic but fun few days, as I flew out to northern California over the weekend to see my college roommate Doug get married to Rebecca. The insanity of my schedule began with last Wednesday, one of the most trying and strenuous of my days as a Nephrology Fellow for reasons I won't get into now. I was working until about midnight, and never got the chance to really recover, as Friday after work I made a beeline for the airport so that I could fly to the wedding, arriving after all was said and done in Coloma (a small town not far from Sacramento in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains). I partied until the wee hours on Saturday night, camped in a tent at the bride's parents' campgrounds, and caught "the red-eye" flight, which arrived in Boston around 6:45 am Monday morning, just in time to make it into work without being embarrassingly late. I'm typing this blog entry in bed, thrilled at the prospect of a night sleeping on a mattress as opposed to a tent floor or an airplane seat as has been the case over the past few nights.

On with the pictures! It was a beautiful wedding and great to catch up with a core group of college friends, including Jason & Nir shown here.

The wedding ceremony took place beneath an enormous oak tree which required a decent hike through the woods to get to.

A view of the American River (where gold was initially found in California) from the wedding site.
There was >100 degree weather for the ceremony--Jason hoses down after the ceremony here.
Congrats to Doug & Becca, shown here with a bunch of Yale friends in attendance.Appropriately the wedding had a "Western theme" as demonstrated by Nir.


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