Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Nate Awards

Because I don't have anything else to blog about...I'm going to give out the 2008 Nate Awards to entities which deserve to be saluted for their overall excellence. Roll out the red carpet and let's begin.

The 2008 Cereal of the Year Award goes to: Oh's Cereal. What an upset! This category has been virtually dominated by Cap'n Crunch through the years--with a brief infatuation with Cinnamon Toast Crunch for a spell--but Quaker's honey graham cereal is totally addictive and clearly the Cereal of the Year. And not to mention a bargain at $2.50 a box. The 2008 Most Enjoyable Comic (MEC) Award goes to the "Fables", published by Vertigo Comics. It's really quite fun--it features famous characters from the nursery rhymes and fairy tales we've all grown up with (e.g., Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, Beauty & the Beast, etc) but portrays them in a more modern light. I highly recommend it to both comics & non-comics fans alike.
The 2008 Most Valuable Baby-Related Item of the Year goes to the Baby Bjorn. Still popular with all members of the Hellman family.
2008 Lost Character of the Year: Benjamin Linus. He's replaced Locke for me as the most intriguing character of my favorite show. Is he good? Is he evil? I've changed my opinion several times already.

And finally, the 2008 Baby of the Year Award goes to: Sophie Anne Hellman. Was there ever any doubt?


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