Saturday, March 08, 2008

What A Mess

What a wacky political system we have. Primary Do-Overs. The existence of "Super-Delegates" (I didn't even realize these existed until a few weeks ago). I'm concerned that this process is not going to lead to a clear victor anytime soon and things are getting uglier by the minute. What a mess.

Here' s a suggestion, America: keep it simple! Why not everybody in every state vote on the same day throughout the country, the person with the most votes is the nominee? Would that be so difficult? Given the convoluted nature of the system (which is becoming more and more apparent in close races such as this Democratic primary, as well as the Bush-Gore fiasco of 2000), it's hard not to feel that politicians have created undue obfuscation in order to further their own political ambitions. I would think that most citizens would be in support of a more rational system of picking our political leaders.

This weekend: On-call at the V.A. Hospital.

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