Thursday, March 06, 2008

Top On-Call Pranks

The other day, my friend (and co-Renal fellow) Albert and I played a prank on another Renal fellow, Hakan, by paging him with the message that there was a 103-year-old patient in the Emergency Room named Johnny Scrotum who required urgent dialysis. Where does this rank in my personal all-time list of Top On-Call-Associated Pranks?

#5: Johnny Scrotum.

#4: paging co-fellows to the 1-800-Viagra erectile dysfunction hotline (I have to admit that I borrowed this one from one of my prior senior residents, John Chang, who brilliantly carried out this very same prank on the first day of our internship at Penn).

#3: hiding a fake skeleton under the call room bed and then anonymously paging my co-resident to look under said call room bed in the middle of the night. Freaky.

#2: in an epic battle of "Your Momma" jokes with my friend Aravind, I once wrote an entire official "History and Physical" admission note with Aravind's Momma as the fictitious patient. I think her reason for hospital admission was "excessive flatulence" if I recall correctly.

#1: when I hid a remote-control fart machine under my co-resident Dave's bunk bed (with whom he was sharing with a medical student) and then made it seem as if he was letting loose some bombs all night long. Priceless.

Hey. When you're stuck in the hospital approaching 80 hours a week, you might as well have some fun while you're there, right?


Blogger Jeffrey Jaeger said...

Our favorite repeated one was to page people to 3934 which was the overhead page line in the ED. The best was to do it to someone who was sitting next to you in the ED. You'd watch them get a page and pick up the phone, and start talking: "Hello? Hello? Hello?" and then realize they were broadcasting overhead. Quality stuff, esp when you could get the same guy for the 3rd or 4th time.

10:19 AM  
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