Saturday, March 01, 2008

Good Reviews!

Congrats to sister Susie for her recent good reviews on her Palm Beach Opera production of l'Elisir d'Amore. "Soprano Susan Jean Hellman was a strong and competent Giannetta" raves the Palm Beach Daily News, and the Palm Beach Post states, "And right in our own midst is a marvelous find: company resident artist Susan Jean Hellman as Giannetta, Adina's confidant. The soprano's large, beautiful voice often grabs attention, for low notes as impressive as the high." I also found this "Backstage Blog" for her most recent productions.

Other random thoughts (since I took a brief unscheduled blog holiday recently for mostly work-related issues):

-Did you all see the latest episode of "Lost"? Now there is no doubt that there is some element of time travel central to the plot, which I have suspected for quite some time.

-How cool would it be if there was a classic Celtics-Lakers matchup in this June's NBA finals? It's a definite possibility--Boston is current the #1 seed in the East while L.A. holds the #1 seed in the ultra-competitive West.

-They say we're gonna get an impressive sixteen inches of snow (check out link) today in Boston!

-Our little Sophie turned 8 months recently! Go, Sophie!