Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: I got two unexpected days off and little Sophie was finally able to meet her sole nephew, Henry O'Malley. Saw a bunch of other family as well, which was just phenomenal.

The Bad: the reason for our gathering was that unfortunately my grandma passed away and we were all gathered for her funeral in Joliet, Illinois. She will be missed.

The Ugly: I'm starting my first "real" rotation as a Nephrology Fellow, this one in the ICU's at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The patients in the ICU are the sickest of the sick, and often their kidneys are not happy. Interesting medical problems, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot, but this will unfortunately come at the expense of me being able to witness sunlight for the next several weeks.

Some more pics from the past few days. First, the family portrait:

Sophie playing in the park.
Dad serenading Sophie with the ol' banjo (she really liked it!)

The Hellman Girls.
Henry and Tim


Blogger Becca said...

Nate, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. Take care!

3:29 AM  
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