Sunday, January 21, 2007

We Are Family

Today was the annual Demanche Family Reunion. My wife's last name is Pecqueur, but her mom's side of the family (which is quite big) are the Demanches. A fun day, but as it is nearly 100% in French I'm completely exhausted at the end of it. Now if only I could veg out by watching some NFL playoff football on TV...

French for the Day: the words for bribery & blackmail in French are somewhat interesting! Blackmail is "le chantage", which is related to the word "chanter", which is "to sing". Makes sense. The word for bribery is "sudoyer", which is not all that remarkable, but the word for a bribe is a "pot-du-vin"...a pot of wine! So the next time a French gendarme (police officer) pulls you over for speeding, slip him a little pot of wine and be on your way. Hopefully you won't get caught.
Link of the Day: (if not the decade): Anybody who is familiar with the phrase "Sweep the leg, Johnny" absolutely MUST check out this incredibly bizarre music video, featuring the original cast of the Karate Kid movies.

A few more photos playing with our fun new digital camera. I know very little about photography but some of the shots looks neat. These are all from the Cluny Musée de la Moyen Age. I chose them for their colors: red, white, and blue (the colors of the French flag).


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