Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Bike Ride

Happy Father's Day! Since I was unable to celebrate the day with either my own kids (in France) or my own Dad (in Indianapolis), I decided to spend the day on an epic bike ride. In the rain. Yeah, not so smart, I got absolutely soaked and muddy, but it was well worth it.

I began my journey in Boston's Chinatown, a twenty-minute or so ride from my place. Ironically, this was the only time I got lost on the entire trip.
I met some friends for dim sum, where I chowed down on enough calories for the bike ride. If you can judge a Chinese restaurant by the size of its waiting line (shown below), the one we ate at must be of high quality.
It was a foggy day in Boston, with at least a light drizzle for the entirety of my 4-hour trip.
Harvard buildings.
Henry Longfellow's house (a national historic site) is on the way.
Shortly after the Alewife station, I joined up with the MinuteMan Bikeway, a paved, 11-mile path which goes through Arlington, Lexington, and ends in Bedford, MA.

Nice old church in Lexington.
What do you think this sign means? Crab crossing? Alien life forms down this way?
Logo from old Boston & Maine railway car.
At last! The end of the line at Bedford Depot Park.
Nate is very wet.
Harvard Square on the way home.

Approximate route.


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