Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best 1st Round Series Ever?

Just finished watching the 3OT finish of the latest Celtics-Bulls 1st round series. Four out of six games in the series going into OT? Clutch shot after clutch shot? Game 7 in Boston coming up? This series has everything! Unbelievable. I have sincerely enjoyed watching these games and will undoubtedly look back on watching it with fondness in the future. I'm gunning for Boston to win but at the same time I wouldn't be upset if Chicago pulled it off--whoever wins will be at a severe disadvantage against the Cavs if they even make it that far.

This series has also really solidified my admiration of Celts' guard Rajon Rondo. The guy is averaging a triple-double for the series! In fact, why don't we use this opportunity to add Rajon to the newly-formed All-Nate Second Team All-Stars (click here for the All-Nate First Team All-Stars)--not necessarily the best players ever (though some of them, like Larry Bird, are certainly in the discussion) but ones I personally enjoyed watching and following. Note that Michael Jordan isn't on the list--I appreciate his basketball genius in retrospect, but back in the day I tended to root for the underdog team after Chicago had won its 1st championship.

G Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics
G Ray Allen, Milwaukee Bucks
F Larry Bird, Boston Celtics
F Charles Barkley, Philadelphia 76ers
C Rik Smits, Indiana Pacers


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