Monday, September 01, 2008

Boston Molasses Disaster

In 1919, in an area of Boston called the "North End" (now the Italian part of town, and just across the bridge from Charlestown), an event termed the "Boston Molasses Disaster" occurred. An enormous tank containing 7.8 million liters of molasses broke, spilling molassses at a rate of 35 miles per hour on the unsuspecting city, killing 21, injuring 150, and causing extensive damage (see left). According to local legend, on hot summer days one can still smell a hint of molasses.

Nowadays the site of the molasses disaster is a nice public park (Langone Park) with bocce ball courts, a ball field, playground, and swimming pool. Sophie and I enjoyed playing in some spray fountains this afternoon after I finished injecting zebrafish embryos earlier today.

Hope everybody had a great Labor Day!


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