Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We Are the (3rd Place) Champions!

Last night was our long-planned "Fried Chicken & Trivia Night" at the Somerville bar "Johnnie D's". Our three-man team of Nate Hellman, Dave Portnoy, and Keith Obstein gutted out an impressive 3rd-place victory despite having the odds stacked against them: only three people (you are allowed to have up to 6), defective air conditioning (the place was literally a sauna), an entire round of questions which were devoted to women's makeup products, and being weighed down with a bucket full of KFC (picture at left showing Keith drinking KFC gravy directly from the container...impressive!)

We were actually in first place going into the last "Final Jeopardy-style" round and could have taken first-place had we known that the state of Louisiana was home to 4 of the 10 longest bridges in the world, and furthemore lost a tie-breaker for 2nd place because we didn't know the atomic number of aluminum.

However we were quite satisfied in the end with our 3rd place finish and the $20 "Johnnie D's" gift certificate we will be certain to put to good use in the future. Congrats to the "Finger-Lickin' Fools" for such a strong showing. A feature-length film portraying this now-epic contest starring Bruce Willis (playing Keith Obstein), Adam Sandler (playing Dave Portnoy) and Harold Ramis (playing Nathan Hellman) is currently in negotiations.


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