Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Freedom Trail

Boston as a city was founded in 1630, and although that's nothing compared to French history dating back to the Gauls and Romans, for America that's old. Since it's a glorious weekend off for me, we decided to do some Boston touristy stuff and yesterday walked "The Freedom Trail", a brick path which meanders through the old part of downtown Boston and past several historic monuments. Some photos from our day:

We started our journey with a quick nap on the Boston Common.
Sophie confronted by a statue of a donkey.

Later on we were joined by my friend Keith "Sleazy K" Obstein, one of our many friends from my residency program in Philadelphia who is now living in Boston.

The golden dome of the Massachusetts State House at night.
It's not officially part of the Freedom Trail, but the "Cheers" bar (where everybody knows your name) is right next door.
And just in case you forgot which city we're living in...


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