Friday, May 18, 2007

Street Signs: Function over Form

On the left is a graph, courtesy of Site Meter (the web site whose icon is on the very bottom of my blog), is the graph for how many hits per month Nathan Hellman's Blog has received. Interestingly, something happened around March which resulted in a dramatic augmentation in my blog traffic. I'm really not sure what it is that happened--my guess is that my blog was listed in some directory or as a "favorite" somewhere without my knowledge--but regardless I'm up to about 300 hits per day.

Which calculates out to approximately .000314% of visitors who leave comments each day (hint).
Topic Three in the U.S.-France Slugfest: street signs. By this, I refer to the signs which specifically indicate the identity of a particular street, not things like stop or yield signs. Both the U.S. and the French systems have their advantages: The French street signs (Avenue des Champs Elysées) are in a much more pleasing artistic format than our ugly green rectangles suspended from a post. However, the U.S. street signs trumps their French counterparts from a functional standpoint: while the U.S. signs are logically located at an intersection in plain view of passersby, the French street signs are posted in a haphazard fashion against the wall of a nearby building, making it extremely difficult to locate, especially while driving. As street signs exist primarily as navigation devices, I give the edge to the American system.

Stars N' Stripes 2, Frogs 1. Stay tuned.

French Vocab for the Day: the onomotopeia "prout" in French is evidently the noise that we make when we fart.


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