Saturday, April 19, 2008

NBA Predictions

Still some time to get my NBA Playoff Pedictions online before I sneak a peak at the box scores of today's action:

1st Round

(1) Boston def (8) Atlanta 4-0. Boston should cruise with this matchup of experience vrs youth.

(2) Detroit def (7) Philly 4-2. The athletic Philly team could make things interesting for a few games.

(3) Orlando def (6) Toronto 4-3. I'm not a big fan of either team's chances but Orlando has more talent.

(5) Washington def (4) Cleveland 4-3. LeBron's awesome but Washington has the momentum.

2nd Round
(1) Boston def (5) Washington 4-2. Washington's done well against Boston in the regular season, but the Celts seem focused for the playoffs.

(2) Detroit def (3) Orlando 4-1. Detroit shouldn't have problems with Orlando.

Eastern Conference Finals
(1) Boston def (2) Detroit 4-3, in a classic contest which could go either way.

1st Round:
(1) LA Lakers def (8) Denver 4-2. Tough to see Denver competing with the Lakers' frontline.
(2) New Orleans def (7) Dallas 4-3. This year New Orleans has the more polished team.

(6) Phoenix def (3) San Antonio 4-3. Another nailbiter series between these old foes; San Antonio didn't finish as strong as Phoenix towards the end of the regular season and I think the Spurs are starting to show their age.

(4) Utah def (5) Houston 4-1. I never really trusted Houston's 22-game winning streak without Yao.

2nd Round:
(1) LA Lakers def (4) Utah 4-2. Who's going to guard Kobe?

(6) Phoenix def (2) New Orleans 4-3. Steve Nash & Co are under more pressure to achieve results now and they come through in this tough series.

Western Conference Finals:
(1) LA Lakers def (6) Phoenix 4-2. The younger Kobe achieves some degree of vindication against ex-teammate Shaq.

NBA Finals:
(1) Celtics def (1) LA Lakers 4-2. A marketer's dream NBA Finals--perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part and we are in fact heading for another San Antonio-Detroit Pistons contest--but it sure would be great to see the Boston-LA rivalry revived.


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