Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memorable Holiday Gifts

Seeing as how the Hellman family winter reunion wasn't until well after both Christmas & Hannukah, we decided to do our family gift exchanges in Phoenix when everybody was together. A few of the memorable gifts are shown here.

First we have my nephew Henry's brand-new boots. He was so excited to wear them that, well, he forgot to wear any pants as he ran around the house. I would've displayed a frontal view, but I'm not sure what his mom would think about that.
Next we have my sister Susie's (and her boyfriend Andy's) gift for me, one of the favorites I have ever received: an original Batman sketch by famous comic book artist Tim Sale. Andy arranged for the sketch at the New York Comic Con, and below is picture from Andy proving that the sketch is indeed an original!

Finally, Sophie's smiles were also memorable (and frequent) gifts for everybody, including Grandpa Rick...


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